Calm your mind, Relax you body, Nourish your soul...
Relax, rejuvenate & completely restore at Zen Therapies Tasmania with holistic massage and energy therapies specifically tailored for you, to assist in healing your mind, body, spirit & soul.
Treatments We Offer
Completely restore & rejuvenate your physical, emotional and spiritual self with Massage Therapy at Zen Therapies Tasmania. Whether with Remedial, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Pregnancy or Magnesium Massage, you are guaranteed to receive a treatment that leaves you feeling totally balanced. 
(Health Fund Rebates available)
Reiki is experienced as a calming and comforting sensation, a wonderful gentle way to relieve stress and pain, clear emotional blockages and balance ones energy.
Discover the history and many incredible benefits of Reiki Healing, and learn to heal yourself & others using Reiki energy through a series of workshops hosted by Reiki Master Charmaine Percey at Zen Therapies Tasmania. Book a one-on-one or group workshop today.
Meet Charmaine
Hi I'm Charmaine and I'm the owner and manager of Zen Therapies Tasmania.

I have a strong passion for holistic health & wellbeing and feel totally blessed that my own experiences in life have gifted me with the empathy needed to create the beautiful business and career that I have today.

I hold a Health Fund Accredited Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, and am also a Certified Reiki Master.

I approach my treatment style specifically and holistically with a belief that in order to achieve an effective treatment result your mind must first relax, so that your body can relax and your muscles can relax, meaning a deeper level of healing and restoration can take place to return the body to its natural state of balance. 

I will work with you to tailor a unique treatment plan specifically suited to achieve the best possible results for you long term.
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Want to treat a loved one to a treatment?
You can treat a loved one to one of our amazing treatments by purchasing a gift certificate here. The gift certificates start at $50 and can be redeemed against any of our treatments, which ever your loved one prefers!
Frequently Asked Questions
  How can massage therapy support me?
Massage has an endless number of benefits! But to name just a few; regular massage therapy will provide you with an opportunity to quiet the mind which results in lower levels of stress & anxiety, whilst also relieving muscular tension & discomfort. With regular massage therapy you are much more likely to have fewer headaches & migraines, improved sleep quality, and enhanced overall wellbeing. 
  Is massage safe during pregnancy?
Absolutely! Charmaine is qualified to provide pregnancy massage, having completed her certification through Pregnancy Massage Australia. Massage will help to support the expectant mother through all stages of her pregnancy from conception to birth. Regular massage therapy helps to reduce anxiety during pregnancy, and assists to relieve the aches and pains associated with the demand and stress that pregnancy can put on a woman’s body.
  What does cupping do?
A:  Cupping can often be a much more gentle approach to treating deeper levels of muscular tension. Imagine you have tight knotty shoulders, and I’m trying to release the knots with pressure from my thumbs - that can sometimes be a little uncomfortable! Cupping will help to lengthen the muscle fibres, restoring the muscle to it’s normal relaxed state, whilst at the same time drawing trapped toxins out and promoting a rush of healthy blood & nutrients back into that area. Although the bruise like marks that cupping can leave may look intimidating, a cup mark is actually a sign of success, and not painful at all.
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